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Demon Diary

Title: Demon Diary
Volume(s): 7
Author(s): Lee Chi Hyong/Kara Lim
Format: Flipped; Left-to-Right
Publisher: Tokyopop
MSRP: $9.95
Genre(s): Fantasy
Rated: Teen (13+)


Except for some dark images and some homosexual themes, parents don't have to worry about any harsh bad language or extreme violence. There is no sex at all. Action fans and people who have half a working brain will most likely be bored out of their mind by the ridiculously slow pacing of the story.

People who are for gay marriages may use this book as a free speech thing since Bush is trying to ban gay marriages, but even people who are for gay marriages may agree that there are other series out there about gay marriages that at least aren't boring.

I was at the library one day, looking for some books to check out (Obviously), when I stumbled upon "Demon Diary," which was just left lying on the ground. I picked it up, looked at the cover, and carelessly put the book in my stack of some tweenty or so books I had already decided I was going to check out. So I put it in my stack, checked it out, and went home with my unwanted little book. When I got home I pretty much forgot about the book until a week ago, so you can tell right from the bat that I wasn't really that interested in reading it in the first place, I just put it in my stack because I was too lazy to put the book back where it belonged. But I did end up reading it, and I have to tell you that after reading it that I had no more interest in reading the rest of the series then I had before I carelessly put the book in my stack. I'll try to explain the story of this as best as I can, but that may be tricky since there isn't much of a story to begin with. The story revolves around a guy...or maybe it's a girl, I can't tell, named Raenef, who is heir to the demon royalty. He is silly, immature, goofy, doesn't know a thing about demon's, and is totally unfit to be the next demon king.

When I first started to read this book I could not believe how shallow the story telling was.We get this information right off the bat (This is not a problem), but there is no background story to who the demon's are, what they do, or anything (This is a problem). We're just told "Yep! Here's this boy who looks like a girl and he's the next demon king. And on the left you'll see the original coffin that was used in the 1931 movie "Dracula," directed by Tod Browning and staring Bela Lugosi as Dracula himself!" Okay, so that last part was sarcasm, but the story might as well have begun like that, as it certainly would have been more informative and entertaining then just throwing us into the middle of the story as if it were a sitcom...the forth season of a sitcom that is. Anyway, after we are thrown into the middle of the story we also meet Eclipse, who is the guy who is going to teach Raenef to be a great demon king (A.K.A., he's going to explain to the readers what the heck is SUPPOSED to be going on in this story). And then we get into the MEAT of the story, which consists of Raenef screwing up what he's doing and Eclipse correcting him, and Raenef not knowing what he's supposed to do and Eclipse telling him what to do!

And that's basically the only thing that happens in this book: Raenef needs to learn to be a demon king, Eclipse tells him to do something, Raenef doesn't know what that means, Eclipse explains it, and then Raenef learns it (But is usually too kind hearted to ever use this tactic in real life, which begs the question of why put the reader through this torture at all?). I find all this stuff pretty boring. The whole time I read this book I just kept waiting for SOMETHING to happen! Oh wait, something DOES happen! At the end of the book the author hints that Raenef and Eclipse might become a couple, which is almost a slap in the face to the reader since not only do they fall in love WAY too soon, but there is no chemistry between them at all! I didn't hate this story, but it was just so painfully dull that I just couldn't stand it. This book begins and ends with confusion and a lack of narrative. Who are the demons? They don't say. What do they do? No mentioned. Why is Raenef (Probably the dumbest person in this book) going to be the next demon lord? Your guess is as good as mine. Why does Raenef look so feminine? Probably so that the author can set up a gay love affair, but that's just MY guess!

In fact that's one of the biggest problems I have with this book: The art is too girly. Pretty much everyone looks feminine, and you'll spend more time trying to figure out whether most of the characters you see on the pages are male or female then you will thinking about the story! THAT'S how shallow the whole thing is! After fifteen pages of trying to figure out if Raenef was a girl or not (I still think he was drawn so much like a girl that the author might as well have made him a girl), I started to fall asleep. And that's the best way to describe the experience I had with "Demon Diary": Sleep inducing. If you want an entertaining story then this book won't do much for you, but if you've had a hard day at work, well then I can safely tell you that this book works better then the old fashioned sleeping pill. Now excuse me while I go use my new book to help me take a nap.


- -Review By Kevin T. Rodriguez- -