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Title: Q-Ko-Chan
Volume(s): 2
Creator(s): Ueda Hajime
Format: Unflipped; Right-to-Left
Publisher: Del Rey
MSRP: $10.95
Genre(s): ???
Rated: Teen (13+)



At the risk of sounding stuck up, consumers will have to decide for themselves whether or not they will like this or not, and whether or not kids should read this. This series is far too strange for me to give advice now, so read at your own risk.

From the creator of "FLCL" comes "Q-Ko-Chan," a series that makes less sense then "FLCL" did. Now, for those of you who are fans of the odd-ball, quirky sense of humor that comes from the deranged mind of Udea Hajime, then chances are you will like this series. It features robots, a space chick, and blocky artwork. If you are looking for character development, a complicated story, or epic scoop, this is not your series. The series is only two books long, I can't even begin to tell you what the story is about, who's who, or what entertainment value there is to be found here. "Q-Ko-Chan" is a series you will either love or hate, no middle ground. It's bizarre in a fascinating way, but the biggest fascination with the series is that the creator is considered to be some sort of weird genius. I admit that I found the "FLCL" TV show to be very additive, and stayed up late watching it on Cartoon Network every time they aired it, but the comic left me feeling very cold.

I just don't get what goes on in this book.

I find myself feeling the same way towards "Q-Ko-Chan." The story makes no sense, the characters look identical, and without fluid animation and catchy music, the art style just sort of stands still looking confused. Even Dallas McDaugh, the head of Del Rey manga, admitted at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con that he had given up trying to explain this series to everyone a couple of conventions ago. I think I'm going to follow his lead and just say that I can not even begin to describe what this series is about, or what happens in it. I can only say that I hate it. Whether you will hate "Q-Ko-Chan" will depend on your personality, but I found the series to be nonsensical.


- -Review By Kevin T. Rodriguez- -